28th June 2021

Behind Biossance’s Sugarcane Derived Squalane…

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Biossance have been instrumental in pioneering industry wide innovation in Squalane production as they have harnessed the power of biotechnology to create sustainably sourced Squalane, derived from sugarcane.

Biossance are owned by Biotechnology company, Amyris who were funded by Bill and Melinda Gates to find a cure for Malaria, once they accomplished this incredible lifesaving task, their team of scientists began thinking about other ways they could improve the world, particularly the Oceans ecosystem.

They knew that the sourcing of Squalene (the E makes all the difference, that is shark liver oil) was killing and endangering the shark population and set out to find a way to create an ethical and sustainable alternative for cosmetic use.

They began to research how they could find a solution to this growing problem and realised the could sustainably and ethically grow sugarcane in Brazil, away from the Amazon rainforest which meant they weren’t contributing to deforestation. The sugarcane is then bio-fermented to produce refined, bioidentical and skin compatible squalane that can be used across a multitude of different formulas.

As if that wasn’t enough, their efforts in replacing shark-derived squalane continue to save 2 million sharks each year.

Thankfully, Squalene is now banned for cosmetic use in the UK and only olive or sugarcane derived Squalane alternatives tend to be used across most brands, particularly as Biossance also sell their Squalane across the beauty industry so other brands can utilize their research, creating a more sustainable and eco conscious industry as a whole.

So now that we know Biossance have championed this cruelty free and vegan ingredient why do we need it in our routine and is it worth the hype?

I think it is! As well as being fun to say (read: skwa- layne) Squalane is a super moisturiser. It works similarly to our skins own natural moisturising factors and helps to prevent moisture loss as well as replenishing essential omegas.

Often found in a lightweight oil texture, a key property of this effective replenishing ingredient is in its power to deeply moisturise without feeling greasy or heavy. Whilst a dry skin will adore the glow, oily skins have been known to attest squalane based products for balancing and regulating oil production too.

The ingredient has been coming to the forefront of the skincare and makeup industry for a while now, with almost every product stating it contains Squalane (it feels a lot like when Hyaluronic Acid was gaining notoriety a few years back! I think the best part about incorporating Squalane into our routines is that anyone can use it, with any ingredient. Whether you use vitamin c, retinol or niacinamide- Squalane compliments all of our favourite actives! It’s great to soothe, replenish and re-energise skin after an intensive treatment too.

Being that Biossance quite literally has Squalane based products for every step of your routine, no matter your skin type or preference I think it’s fair to say they are the experts in Squalane and a great, trustworthy brand to get your moisture fix from!