28th June 2021

Biossance Brand Takeover

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This post is part of the Biossance Brand Takeover in June 2021, if you’d like to know more about the brand you can click here or view all posts about the brand here. 

Welcome to RohitBagga.com! This is the sixth instalment in my Brand Takeover Series, where I delve deeper into some of your most requested and favourite brands in the beauty industry. As well as reading my thoughts and opinions on the brands, these takeover posts will be filled with information to help you make a more informed choice before you go on to discover their products (and every single product here has been tested by me unless I say otherwise!). I hope I’ll help you to navigate your way through these brands a little easier, because with countless new products from every corner of the industry popping up daily, it’s hard to keep up and to know if you even need to…

Biossance is one of the biggest successes in recent skincare history, and for good reason too. The brand, founded by biotechnology giant, Amyris was initially launched direct to consumer in 2016. At time of launch they focused in on a then, fairly new customer demand quickly gaining traction- sustainable beauty. In an industry where it seems as though these important causes end up sounding the same, without any follow through it is great to see that Biossance are pioneering what it *actually* means to grow a sustainable skincare brand available worldwide.

To provide you with a little background as to why they chose to centre the entire range and brand identity around super moisturising ingredient Squalane it’s helpful to understand what went on before Biossance was even an idea…

Their parent company, Amyris are best known for their endless innovation in science. Arguably their most notable project to date has been developing the cure for malaria, following a grand from Bill and Melinda Gates and creating accessibility to this treatment, saving countless lives.

After harnessing the power of science, in this case specifically biotechnology they used their impressive scientific credentials and set out to revolutionise personal care.

Squalene is a super moisturiser that occurs naturally in humans and animals, as we age this depletes, for years this was harvested from shark liver to use in luxury cosmetics to act as a moisturising ingredient. In the past decade this was banned (finally!) and many people looked to seek an alternative.

It was then, that Biossance utilised their power and began to produce sugarcane derived Squalane, a molecule that is so close to Squalene that our skin recognises it as a skin- compatible hydrator.

This was a huge move in creating accessibility, across the entire industry for high quality and cruelty free Squalane that was derived from sugarcane.

Since Biossance launched, Squalane has been imprinted on the Beauty industry in a big way, it’s become as ‘trendy’ as an exfoliating acid and I think is well on it’s way to beat the Hyaluronic Acid hype in a few years time…

Aside from the products, I think what I love most about Biossance is that they have a holistic approach to genuine sustainability, whether it’s their lab water usage, their sugarcane derived squalane and paper cartons, eliminating the use of any unnessacary plastic, even when recycled and recyclable and their commitment to offsetting their carbon emissions. Proving that this is about more than a buzzword or trend to them.

They prioritise genuine sustainability as have recently invested into airless pumps to create packaging that can be recycled without any extra hassle. They also partner with Oceana, the leading non-profit ocean conversationist charity to support their work in protecting and restoring the oceans.

I first discovered the brand online around 2018 and finally got my hands on the range when I was on holiday in Mexico in 2019 and what was a purchase on a whim quickly turned into a long- term love affair (oh hi eye gel!) Fast-forward to 2021 and you’ll rarely catch a routine of mine without at least one of their products.

The brand utilise both hi-tech actives and natural ingredients brilliantly, bridging the gap between the best of biotechnology and natural skincare; by using their hero ingredient to communicate that Squalane is an asset to any formula as part of any skincare routine. It also helps that their gold and green packaging, with the added pop of pink is shelfie worthy, too!

There is not a single product in their range at present that I don’t see a need for, even if, it’s not made specifically with my oily/combination skin type in mind, further proven by the testing process for this takeover being a real crowd pleaser, across all ages, skin types and skin tones. I also think, for a brand that could have just relied heavily on their science and sustainability credibility it’s so good to see that the sensorial and self care aspect of the industry was just as important, which is evident from how much they prioritise making BRILLIANT textures that feel good on the skin.

I also find that on the whole, Biossance price their products fairly for the luxury market, they could easily be charging double to sit alongside their competitors, and yet they choose to remain more accessible, which is great to see.

It’s no wonder they have attracted Brand Ambassadors like Reese Witherspoon and Jonathan Van Ness.

Biossance is cruelty free (like all skincare sold in the UK). The brand is available at Selfridges stores and online, Cult Beauty, Sephora and Biossance.com. 

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