28th June 2021

Biossance Squalane and Antioxidant Cleansing Oil- Reviewed

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I love an oil cleanser. They usually form the base of my evening skincare routine which is why I began testing the BIOSSANCE Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil. I like BIOSSANCE – they pioneer sustainability in the beauty industry alongside championing the idea that science and natural ingredients should be used in tandem for best results. Biotechnology is kinda their parent company’s ‘thing’. I’ve used and loved a few things from them before so I had an idea this would also be a high quality product.

What I didn’t expect however was that I’d love it as much as I do. I largely thought it’d be *another* cleanser to add the the skincare stash. Maybe even use it up if it was nice enough! Yet it is quickly on it’s way to gaining favourite status- especially as it’s easier to get in the UK now.

As with most Biossance products, The Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil  is based around their hero ingredient- sugarcane derived squalane. This ‘super ingredient’ is great for hydrating without any grease and suits all skintypes. It obliterates any makeup and SPF whilst leaving skin comfortable without any residue.

As effective as it might be I can’t help but love the sensorial aspect, it has a lovely combination of orange, lavender and evening primrose essential oils making it SO relaxing. The squalane base ensures for the perfect texture, it’s not thick or gloopy but neither is it watery- making it perfect for facial massage. I take 3-6 pumps (depending on the day) 😉 and once massaged I add water to emulsify and then follow up with a flannel to remove. A great first cleanse and surprisingly effective even if used alone…


I realised this when I was sick recently, sometimes the only step I could manage was using this cleanser. I just didn’t have the energy to put anything on afterwards or double cleanse. It soothed, hydrated and cleaned my skin without feeling stripped. Though not an ideal situation, My skin was comfortable and I didn’t feel awful for not doing anything else.

Some of my long term favorites wouldn’t have done this as well which is testament not only to how well it removes and emulsifies but softens too. Not all oil cleansers are created equally. This is better than most.

I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve already got a few people hooked IRL- well done Biossance. I’m delighted that you’re more widely available in the UK now and eagerly await the launch of the pink elderberry jelly cleanser so I can double cleanse with you!

Biossance is cruelty free (like all skincare sold in the UK). The brand is available at Selfridges stores and online, Cult Beauty, Sephora and Biossance.com. 

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