28th June 2021

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil – Reviewed

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The Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil is a best seller globally for good reason. It is nourishing, effective and a pleasure to use within any skincare routine.

I often find that people fall in love with a Vitamin C in oil formula because it ‘buffers’ and potential sensitivity the active ingredient may cause, and that is definitely the case here. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t adored this after trying it, across all skin types.

The lighweight oil sinks in easily, massages well and never feels thick of clogging, personally I like to apply a face mist before application so I can really massage the oil in in the evening.

The gently rose scented oil moisturises and brightens the skin whilst adding an instant and long lasting glow too. Because they use a rose extract and not essential oil I find that it is the perfect balance, not overpowering but just enough to provide a great sensorial experience.

It is one of few products from Biossance that does have fragrance so if you find you prefer to avoid it or want something more targeted to brightening and correcting dark spots, you might want to look at their Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Correcting Serum and add the 100% Squalane Oil for a glow.

It works across all skin tones, but I think anyone with a dryer skin, or concerned with visible signs of moisture loss will completely fall in love with it. Having said that, it’s well worth considering even if you have avoided oils because I am so certain that Biossance’s high quality squalane could covert anyone who thinks all oils will clog their pores.


Biossance is cruelty free (like all skincare sold in the UK). The brand is available at Selfridges stores and online, Cult Beauty, Sephora and Biossance.com. 

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