7th April 2021


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This is the first Deciem launch I have been this excited about in a while. Though they are primarily known for The Ordinary, my favourite products are from their other brands, like NIOD and Hand Chemistry. In this case, their Abnomaly brand first came to be when Brandon Truaxe launched their petrolatum free lip balms.

Shop Room Fragrance seems to be part of a relaunch for Abnomaly. The fragrance was originally designed as a partnership between founder Brandon Truaxe and perfumer extraordinaire Azzi Glasser to scent Deciem stores globally and before now, there were no plans to retail it.

To be entirely honest, I’m not sure that I ever paid much attention to how a Deciem store smelt-  I’ve always been too busy filling up my basket! But being that this was released when shops were closed in the middle of a pandemic and I missed normality, I had to order one to try.

I can’t begin to express how much I love this, but here goes… it is cozy yet playful but there is a familiarity to it, whether thats because I have smelt it in store before or due to Azzi Glasser’s ability to perfectly capture a feeling of familiarity I’m not sure, but it has achieved that feeling of comfort, and with so many of us leaning on fragrance for exactly that in the middle of a pandemic – I think it is brilliant. I need it in a fragrance and candle next. THE LOVE IS REAL.

What is in it?

Top Notes: Black Poivre, Cypress oil.

Middle Notes: Iso E Super and Chalk.

Base Notes: Guaiacwood, Sequoia, and Cedar

Enhanced by: Labdanum Resin, White Amber Crystals, White Musk and Patchouli

If you’re fairly well versed in notes this might help you decide if it might be up your street, but I often feel notes are as helpful as they are confusing. I always find the most special fragrance are those that evoke emotions and memories, which isn’t something all scents manage- which is why this is so special.

Shop manages to be the perfectly balanced room fragrance. It has depth, but not too much, it’s reinvigorating, but not citrusy, and even works for the typically patchouli averse, like me. But one of my favourite elements is that it hangs around for ages without being intrusive, every now and then I’ll get a waft of Shop and it brings me so much joy.

I can’t recommend it enough, and I think you’ll be particularly fond of it if you enjoy wearing Molecule 01 or Glossier You.

Deciem Abnomaly SHOP room fragrance is available at Deciem.com and presumably at all Deciem stores when they reopen. The bottle is 100ml and priced at £16.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on SHOP over on Instagram.

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