19th August 2020

Dr. Dennis Gross B3 Adaptive Superfoods

All about the newest range from Dr. Dennis Gross. 

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I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a skincare launch. I was literally counting down  as if I was waiting for concert tickets!

Well… that’s because I was lucky enough to get a preview of this launch in 2019 & fell in love immediately, which rarely happens because I see so much!

When Carrie Gross told me she was launching a range centered around the impact of stress on the skin, I was intrigued by how this would work. Then I felt the textures of the products. Sold.

For me, stress is one of the main triggers in how my skin appears and the reason I got into a solid skincare routine and never looked back.

I was excited that a brand founded on the principle that products must be proven to work via clinical trials was taking this on as a category. Stress is often overlooked when it comes to the impact it can have on our skin and not many brands have researched this area.

I’m so glad to say that the products have lived up to the enormous hype I had built around them.

The range is well edited and carefully curated with only three products. A serum, eye cream & moisturiser. The entire range centres around niacinamide, superfoods & adaptogens and how the combination of all three, micro encapsulated within the delivery system, can alleviate the visible signs of stress on the skin.


This is my hero product, and I knew it would be. A lightweight, milky textured serum LOADED with niacinamide. It slots into my existing routine to calm redness and soothe. It’s particularly good after a hyaluronic acid serum!


This seems to be the most universally loved product of the range. It does a great job at hydrating the undereye and is particularly brilliant for eye massage, encouraging de-puffing. A little goes a long way though so start with less than you think you need- you can always add more. Great on the lips too!


I thought this would be too rich for my skin type and whilst I wouldn’t use it as my everyday moisturiser for that reason. It really comes to it’s own when your skin needs something to HOLD. IT. TOGETHER. Overdo the retinol/exfoliation? Me? Never.

A brilliant SOS product to keep in your skincare collection. I used it around my nose when I had hayfever and it took down a load of the redness and comforted the raw skin to keep the little barrier it had left intact & encourage healing.


From left to right: Serum, Eye and Moisturiser.


Have you seen a connection in the impact of stress and how it can manifest on the skin? Do you have your eyes on any products from the B3 range?

Let me know on Instagram and Twitter.

The B3 Adaptive Superfoods Range is available worldwide now at all retailers & on DrDennisGross.com 

If you’re in the UK, you’ll find it at Selfridges, Cult Beauty & Space NK.


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