22nd April 2021

Dr. Dennis Gross Brand Takeover

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Welcome to RohitBagga.com! This is the fourth installment in my Brand Takeover Series, where I delve deeper into some of your most requested and favourite brands in the beauty industry. As well as reading my thoughts and opinions on the brands, these takeover posts will be filled with information to help you make a more informed choice before you go on to discover their products (and every single product here has been tested by me unless otherwise stated!)  I hope I’ll help you to navigate your way through these brands a little easier, because with countless new products from every corner of the industry popping up daily, it’s hard to keep up and to know if you even need to…

Launched in 2000 by board certified dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross MD and CEO Carrie Gross, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare taps into the the Doctors dermatology knowledge and  Carrie’s business expertise to lead industry wide innovation in the beauty and personal care arena, focused on skin health above all.

And it all began with the Alpha Beta Peel…

Dr. Dennis Gross administers medical grade Alpha Beta peels in clinic, which is always a two step process to reveal brighter, healthier skin. One evening when Carrie wanted a peel but couldn’t get to the clinic she asked DG to bring the peel home for her.

Whilst she got this VIPeel, she had a complete lightbulb moment that an at home version of the Alpha Beta Peel could bring the clinic to your bathroom to provide safe, over the counter upkeep at home to compliment in clinic results. It’s also the only patented two step peel, which I know frustrates brands everywhere! 😉

Read More about the Alpha Beta Peel here. 

As a result of Carrie’s need to glow at home, the OG Peel- Universal was born and 20 years later it is a global best seller, and it’s because of this that a whole skincare brand was born, from hydrating ranges, to brightening vitamin c products and LED technology. 

Personally, I find the best way to experience the brand is to start with the Alpha Beta peel and cocktail across the other ranges for the rest of your routine- because life is too short to just stick to one! Which is why this takeover separates the brand into categories, to allow you to pick and choose which serum is best for your skin concern, but see if a moisturiser from another range might compliment your skin type better. Skincare is fun and even when it’s hi-tech and science based, you can still enjoy yourself and see results.

Fast forward to 2021 and the brand keep getting better, their packaging and formulas are revisited to be the best they possibly can be in line with consumer demand and new technologies and an increase in ongoing and improving sustainability and diversity are part of the brands core plans for the present and future.

With Carrie Gross, Co- Founder and CEO of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Dennis Gross on Instagram and if you’d like to discover the brand in more detail you can check out the takeover here.

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