6th September 2020

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Meltaway Cleanser Review

The newest oil free make up melting cleanser you need to know about!

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This new Dr. Dennis Gross launch is super exciting! Not only are they expanding my favourite range, Hyaluronic Marine but they are adding to my favourite category, cleansing. Meet the Meltaway cleanser*.

Meltaway is primarily a first cleanse, it’s designed to completely remove makeup, dirt and SPF without drying out the skin. It removes a face full of make up and SPF really well, I’m quite heavy handed with cleansers and found I didn’t need a lot for this to work. I haven’t tested it out on waterproof mascara because I rarely wear it but it works brilliantly on waterproof liner and lip products.

I’ve been testing this for a few months now and it has been a firm favourite since the first time I used it back in May- it was difficult not to shout about how much I loved it until now, as it gears up for the global launch!

As always with DDG, Meltaway Cleanser is cruelty free, fragrance free and vegan. Infused with a blend of hyaluronic acid, glycerin, marine algae, aloe vera and butylene glycol; it is a cooling and soothing creamy cleanser with a beautiful rich yet lightweight texture, Lending itself brilliantly for facial massage. It also uses fruit extracts instead of fragrance to provide a sensorial experience, which seems to be my preference as of late.

This is how I like to use it…

With dry hands, and a dry face, squeeze the cleanser onto the palm of your hands and swipe for even coverage, then gently massage into a face of makeup and SPF for 45-60 seconds. Then take a warm flannel and remove the cleanser. You’ll see it takes away all makeup and SPF without stripping!

It doesn’t sting my eyes (other then when I opened them mid cleansing *facepalm*) and leaves my skin balanced and primed for my second cleanse, which more often than not is their Alpha Beta Cleansing Gel.


Meltaway Cleanser is a welcome addition to my routine, it’s a pleasure to use and it almost feels like a shame to only use it as a makeup remover- so I don’t! I often use it as my AM or second cleanse too, the cooling aspect takes care of any morning puffiness.

It’s not a typical first cleanser for me, being that it is oil free and uses alternative emollients to remove makeup instead. I don’t have a problem with oil- I really rather like it, but I can see this being INCREDIBLE for anyone who does consciously avoid oil as you’d get the same makeup removing ability, without the grease.

This is marketed as a rinse free cleanser and I can see how that would work- it doesn’t leave behind a residue but still leaves the skin feeling hydrated. I think this will appeal to so many people and hopefully get more people away from using… wipes *shudders*.

My preference, as always is to remove with a damp flannel and follow up with a second cleanse to clean my skin. If this were your only cleansing step I’d advise you to do the same and rinse before applying skincare.


Overall, I love this cleanser. I often find myself reaching for it over my long-term favourites! I also felt the brand were missing a brilliant first cleanse and this completes the lineup perfectly. I appreciate that Dr. Dennis Gross don’t overwhelm us with constant trend driven newness and they place science at the forefront of every carefully considered launch.

Let me know your thoughts and questions on  Instagram and Twitter! Is this on your list to try?

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Meltaway Cleanser is now available globally at the retailers below.

UK:  Selfridges, Space NK, Cult Beauty,  John Bell and Croyden and Harvey Nichols

USA: Dr. Dennis Gross and Sephora stores and online

AUS: Mecca


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