22nd April 2021

Dr. Dennis Gross LED Technology – Reviewed

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This post is part of the Dr. Dennis Gross Brand Takeover in April 2021, if you’d like to know more about the brand you can click here or view all posts about the brand here. 

Dr. Dennis Gross also offer devices as part of their range, and as well as a steamer they are widely known for their LED offering. In-keeping with the results driven brand, LED light therapy technology is clinically proven to work; and long before at home treatments were available they were salon only.

In recent years they’ve come to market for us to use at home and before I tried the range I was skeptical because I have had such great results in a professional setting and they are a significant investment so I wanted to be sure I could see results to justify recommending it. A year later, I sing the praises of my FaceWare weekly.

Dr. Dennis Gross have four different LED devices, each using medical grade LED lights designed to treat a specific area. There are a few different types of LED light but in the case of DDG, they use the two with the most research. Blue and Red lights.

Blue LED light therapy tackles inflammation and breakouts.

Red LED light therapy is better suited to building collagen, addressing wrinkles.

However what I find most thought provoking is that when I met Dr. Dennis Gross, he told us to think of LED less as add on technology and more as an ingredient. I’d have never thought about it that way but it made complete sense to me. LED can be just as effective as a topically applied product, as well as enhance the results we’re already seeing from our skincare.

SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

This is the one you’ve seen all over IG. FaceWare uses both blue and red led lights to provide the most options. You can pick the collagen boosting red LED light, the blue blemish reducing light or the have the best of both worlds and use both at the same time.

The mask has 100 red LED lights and 62 blue LED lights all spread across the mask carefully to address the areas where the respective skin concerns tend to be more prevalent. (The blue lights aren’t by the eye area so no need to worry about any issues there. 😉 Just tea, no shade.) As these lights are kept separate, regardless of the setting you choose the treatment only takes 3 minutes. I cannot confirm or deny whether I use it for 6 minutes. Allegedly.

Personally, I like to mix my lights for the best of both worlds. Why pick when you can have both right? I also love that the brand have updated the straps to keep the mask even more secure when it’s in use.

The mask itself is really easy to use, just charge it from the USB port for 4 hours and it lasts for around 10, 3 minute treatments. Though I have to keep a note of how many times I’ve used the device before it needs recharging, I much prefer it to having to be plugged into a wall.

To use FaceWare, choose your light mode and apply to clean dry skin, as soon as the 3 minutes is up it turns itself off. I sanitise mine between uses with Clinisoothe and follow up with the rest of my skincare routine, collagen boosting ingredients like Vitamin C or Retinol are perfect post treatment.

SpectraLite EyeCare Pro 

Eyecare uses red LED light to boost collagen, similarly to the faceware the medical grade light strips are placed around areas of concern, like the side of the eyes and forehead lines where expression lines, like ‘crows feet’ and the ‘elevens’ can be more prominent. As with all the facial LED devices, this take just three minutes per treatment. Use it with the Ferulic and Retinol eye serum post treatment to boost the results- it’d be rude not to!

SpotLite™ Blemish Reducer

Spotlite couldn’t be easier to use. However a key difference here is that this is battery operated unlike the rest of the range, and uses just blue light therapy to take down inflammation on a targeted blemish. Just place it onto a clean, dry spot and let it do it’s magic for 3 minutes, I like to apply a targeted skincare product and then carry on with my routine. It’s perfect if you have stubborn blemishes but don’t need a larger treatment.

SpectraLite BodyWare Pro 

So this is brand new and hasn’t yet been released in the UK, and so I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on it but looking at the facts, it appears as though this could be the most innovative of the devices the brand offer as it also targets mild pain relief as well as collagen boosting and reducing breakouts.

Again in 3 minutes, with a combination of 148 red lights + 68 blue lights you can choose the type of light therapy you want. The best part about this is the flexible silicone texture, so it would to the body to accomodate the new and exciting 14 minute pain relief red light therapy mode.

I hope this helped break down the products within the LED Device range at Dr. Dennis Gross. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the brand over on Instagram and if you’d like to discover Dr. Dennis Gross in more detail you can check out the takeover here.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is cruelty free and available globally at the retailers below:

UK:  SelfridgesSpace NK, Cult Beauty,  John Bell and Croyden , Harvey Nichols, LookFantastic, Harrods, Net a Porter and Asos.

USA/Asia: Dr. Dennis Gross , Nordstrom and Sephora stores and online

AUS: Mecca

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