22nd April 2021

Dr. Dennis Gross SPF- Reviewed

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This post is part of the Dr. Dennis Gross Brand Takeover in April 2021, if you’d like to know more about the brand you can click here or view all posts about the brand here. 

Dr. Dennis Gross have a very clear stance on SPF- we should all be using it, every day, no matter our skin tone or skin type. This is unsurprising coming from a dermatologist brand, especially as Dr. Dennis Gross has an extensive background in skin cancer research and serves on the Skin Cancer Institute.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare only use mineral filters, which can make inclusive formulation difficult, often leaving behind a white cast. It’s why I largely use chemical, or a formula with both.

In terms of the sunscreen filters- everything is a chemical. But there are two filter options, Organic (widely known as ‘Chemical’ ) and Inorganic (widely known as ‘Physical’). Chemical filters include but are not limited to Octycrylene, Oxybenzone and Avabenzone whereas there are only two Physical Mineral Filters, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

Regardless of which type you wear, The key to wearing SPF is to pick one that one you trust,  like and will use daily with the only caveat that is should be offering broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB (protecting from both aging and burning).

You can be sensitive or allergic to any topically applied ingredient and formula, including SPF and there are times where I have reacted to both depending on the product. However if you are worried about SPF irritating your skin, Mineral filters have a better track record for not irritating the skin and eye area. I would advise that you try a few SPFs to find out which is most to your preference. Though DDG only offer mineral filters, I’m sure you’re bound to find one to your taste below…

All Physical Dark Spot Sun Defence SPF 50

This formula of SPF is more like an antioxidant packed lotion with physical filters than just another formula of sun protection. It uses Mela- C complex which is melatonin, three forms of Vitamin C and Vitamin E to supercharge the protection and proactively prevent dark spots from forming.

Best for: If you’re concerned about preventing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Most suited to Fair/Light skin tones or darker skins who apply make up as there is a white cast.

NEW All Physical Lightweight Wrinkle Defence

This is so exciting, as part of Dr. Dennis Gross’s continued support of melanoma research they have released a new formula with only mineral filters which claims to be suited across all skin tones.

I was skeptical at first so I think it’s really important to stick to the facts here. This SPF is all physical filters from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are white minerals, these filters normally this lead to a thicker, heavier SPF, but not in this case. It is thinner than any other mineral formula I have previously tested  and is the only untinted mineral formula I will be reaching for.

Upon initial application it left a subtle white cast on my skin, which is better than most but 20 minutes later, it was as though the SPF had completely sunk into my skin, I tried it on half my face to double-check too.

If you are my skin-tone (and perhaps deeper, I’ve only been able to test on myself) and usually avoid mineral SPF due to a white cast alone, this might change your mind, the key here is allowing 20 minutes for it to sink in and then you’ll see any remnants of the initial cast disappear. I think the hydrating components in the formula like glycerin, aloe leaf juice and fruit extracts have allowed it to sink in nicely.

This is a great development in mineral sunscreen formulation, though my favourite mineral formula EVER remains the one coming up next…

Instant Radiance Sun Defence SPF 40, in Light/Medium and Medium/Deep

If I’m not wearing a chemical SPF or want a slight tint-  this is what you’ll find me wearing year round in the Medium/Deep shade. It’s a glow giving, complexion enhancing and colour correcting formula that is the only mineral SPF I can wear and feel instantly comfortable in because the luminous tint zaps away any chance of a cast and perfects my skin. It adds a slight warmth to my complexion and having tested on deeper brown and black skins,  it’s more of an illuminating peachy base. I’d love to see this range expand with more shades and shouted about more often- it’s INCREDIBLE.

I hope this guide to the SPF range at Dr.Dennis Gross Skincare was helpful.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Dennis Gross on Instagram and if you’d like to discover the brand in more detail you can check out the takeover here.

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