3rd September 2020

Fable and Mane Haircare

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Fable and Mane is my newest haircare discovery. I tend to stick to what I know and rarely change much in my routine. Until now.

Fable and Mane launched in March this year- what a time to launch right? Founded by siblings Akash and Nikita Mehta, they are bringing their culture, sustainability and ethics into the haircare arena whilst championing self-care.

The brand name originates from fusing elements of the founders upbringing. Fable, because of the Indian stories of talking animals they were told by their grandma which always took place whilst she tended to their hair and the importance of hair oiling within the Indian culture, hence Mane.

Fable and Mane launched with 4 products, a shampoo, conditioner, hydrating hair mask and the hero product, The HoliRoots hair oil.

I’ve been testing out the HoliRoots hair oil once a week as a pre shampoo treatment since early July.

But what does HoliRoots mean? It’s their patented complex of Ayurvedic Dashmool, Ashwaganda, Turmeric and Hibiscus to strengthen and balance both the hair and scalp.


I take at least double the recommended 1 dropper of oil and massage in to my scalp and hair, focusing on the crown of the head and massaging outwards, leaving on for as long as possible. It washes away easily with shampoo and I’ve found that I can skip conditioner on my hair when I use this too!

My hair is left feeling clean, soothed and noticeably shinier and healthier than when I don’t use it! This is brilliant, high quality hair oil. It’s not thick or heavy and uses a sophisticated formula to deliver results. It could well be on it’s way to becoming a cult product within the beauty industry. I LOVE how they aren’t afraid to re-educate their customers on how to use hair oil.

The second I smelt this oil, the sensorial experience started to work- The beautiful Jasmine Sambac note is what I smell most, another nod to their culture. And considering the founders’ beauty background I interpret this as an appreciation of luxury French perfumeries. It’s clearly an important part of the product.

Overall, I love the HoliRoots hair oil and brand ethos. Even-though this oil would work on all hair types, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a sensitized scalp due to the fragrance. Having said that, I don’t see why you couldn’t use this as a multipurpose styling oil through the mid length and ends, after all it is lightweight and sits beautifully if you use the right amount.

Everytime I try out a new brand I go in with high expectations. However I realised as I was researching and testing out Fable and Mane that my expectations were higher than ever.

When a brand like this comes along, and takes care of so many ‘firsts’, like being the first Indian founded brand in Sephora. Subconsciously all I was thinking was, please don’t be awful’. I wanted this to be executed impeccably because it was about more than haircare. It was about representation.

I recognised that being the first Indian founded brand in Sephora, and having Indian culture embedded into the brand meant that this would set the blueprint for those yet to come, and it would be dependent on the success of this ‘first’ brand. That is a LOT to live up to. I’m so glad that they exceeded even my high expectations; it’s all down to the brilliant product.

As part of their launch campaign, you can now walk into Sephora and see a picture of the founders alongside the display. The impact that will have on the younger generation is huge. It means that there will FINALLY be an opportunity for people to see themselves represented in a beauty giant. THAT is powerful.

I’m keeping my eyes on this brand and eagerly awaiting more products. I’d love to see their take on a scalp scrub!

Have you tried their hair oiling technique and will you be picking up any Fable and Mane products? Let me know on Twitter and Instagram. 

Fable and Mane is available directly from their website here and if you’re in the US they are in Sephora stores and online.

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