22nd October 2020

Jordan Samuel The Performance Eye Gel

Keep it hydrated daily.

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I had been waiting for an eye product from Jordan Samuel for what felt like forever. Yes, I have far too many eye products for someone who often skips the step… but what is one more right?

The Jordan Samuel Performance Eye Gel is a gel with substance. Unlike many other eye gels, this doesn’t evaporate upon application so you think it’s ‘cooling’- instead, it goes on beautifully, massages well and keeps the eye area hydrated and radiant all day long. It’s like the best bits of eye cream in a gel formula so if you struggle with puffiness you could do worse than to look here.

Housed in an illuminating humectant rich base (glycerin and butylene glycol) this cools on application. It also uses a combination of soothing green tea and chamomile and firming peptides and caffeine whilst boosting glow with a touch of ethically sourced mica- giving both long term benefits * and * instant gratification.

Everytime I use this my eyes are instantly perked up, dewier and makeup always sits better. The best part? It’s 30ml. YES JORDAN. Finally a brand that is as confused by the ‘industry standard’ 15ml eye cream as I am why am I paying more for less product? Frankly, this alone is reason enough to buy.

I often use this a moisturiser because it’s such a pleasure to use, especially if you’re feeling dehydrated (basically all of us, all the time). I just can’t seem to get past the idea of using an eye product all over my face, even-though I know it’s not 15ml I catch myself using it and thinking I’m wasting it! I’ll get over it if the results are this good.

Used all over the face this leaves a glowy, gently illuminated finish on the skin that looks great on it’s own but is a great base for make up. We love to see it.

Jordan Samuel Performance Eye Gel is £34/$38 and available at JordanSamuelSkin.com if you’re in the UK you can buy it excluisvely from Cult Beauty. 

Jordan Samuel Skincare is Vegan and Cruelty Free.

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