10th February 2021

Live Tinted Hueglow

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It’s no secret that I love Live Tinted, and if you’re looking for a introduction to the brand you can always read this post here. But I think this is probably the most exciting launch from them since the brand first came to be in 2019. I love the Huesticks and the Unity Balm Gloss, but a luminous complexion product is one of my most used daily essentials.

Live Tinted Hueglow is a multi use (this seems to be a theme for the brand) glow enhancing booster. It’s a rich, shimmery, serum-like liquid that leaves behind a dewy finish- whether you wear it alone, use it as a glowy base under foundation, mix into or on top of your base- it works really well. It also melts into the skin seamlessly thanks to a trio of sustainably sourced skincare ingredients- squalane, hyaluronic acid and ginseng extract, alongside the shimmery mica.

Can we take a moment for the packaging? They’re housed in a squeezy bottle so you can control the amount you need and I LOVE the copper lids to compliment their Huesticks.

Hueglow is available in two shades:

Dawn-  A cooler rose gold hue

(Best for light-medium skin tones)

Dusk- A warmer bronzed hue

(Best for medium-tan skin tones)

L-R: Hueglow in Dawn and Dusk, without flash

L-R: Hueglow in Dawn and Dusk, with flash

Both shades are pretty universal because they aren’t full opaque coverage (though I’d like to see a classic gold too). I mix both but if you want to pick one think about whether you prefer a cooler or warmer tone- you can’t really go wrong with picking a shade here!

Hueglow in Dawn, unblended and blended

Hueglow in Dusk- unblended and blended

I think of it like Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter meets Glossier Futuredew- though it doesn’t have the pigment of the former it also doesn’t feel as heavy as the latter. It’s kinda perfect. My favourite way to use it is as a base under makeup or to highlight pinpointed areas, the dewy glaze this leaves behind looks like fresh, healthy skin.

The idea with Hueglow is that you shouldn’t feel restricted- whether its how you use the product, which shade you buy or who can use it. Live Tinted are big on encouraging this product for all- no matter the texture of your skin and not feeling pigeonholed into what you can and can’t use. I really like that- no one should feel like they can’t use a certain type of product because their skin isn’t perfect because let’s face it most of us don’t have ‘perfect skin’. A tip if you don’t want to enhance texture when using products like Hueglow is to use them underneath your base, a great illuminator will shine through and feel more comfortable.

LiveTinted is available exclusively on LiveTinted.com and as I upload this post, now live on Cult Beauty which is brilliant news if you were holding off because of shipping charges, but this increase in accessibility might mean I need to put my card away…

If you have any questions feel free to find me on Instagram or Twitter, I’d love to hear from you!

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