19th August 2020

Live Tinted Huesticks

An introduction to Live Tinted

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EDIT- February 2021: Live Tinted are now available in the UK via Cult Beauty, find out more here

I know these Live Tinted Huesticks aren’t as accessible in the UK as I’d like them to be, but they are available over here and one of my favourite brand launches. Ever.

Founded by Deepica Mutyala- an Indian in the beauty industry? Yes- we exist! These have the loveliest origin story. Whilst Deepica was working within corporate for a beauty company, she had a youtube channel on the side. One day, she uploaded a tutorial colour correcting her undereyes using a red lipstick and it went viral. Proper viral. You couldn’t miss it- it was everywhere! From that moment, her life was never *quite* the same again. Never let it be said a red lipstick can’t get you anywhere!

As a result of this, Deepica attracted the attention of TV studios and mega brands, further building her online presence. While this was happening it was clear that she had cultivated more than followers, it was a community that saw her and felt represented.

Fast forward a few years (and sleepless nights?) and Live Tinted was born! Initially, they launched the brand without any products, to build a platform based solely on the idea of belonging and community. Clever right? Establishing the importance of community and listening to them to create products FOR them, guided by their unique beauty needs-  a stroke of genius!


When the brand launched it’s first range, it made total sense to release a multifunctional colour corrector. A multistick? We don’t know her! This is the Huestick.

From L-R you’ll see Perk, Rise and Origin. These are the OG’s. Three shades, tailored for different skintones to use as correctors, depending on the severity of your undereye circles! I use rise, mixed in with origin if I need the extra help!

They are an incredible formula, not so matte that they look dry, but not so creamy that they slip and slide! This is why it works as a corrector, lip colour, eyeshadow and blusher!

Perk is a peachy pink nude, Rise is a peachy orange and Origin is a orange hued red. Don’t be afraid by they inherently colour correcting tones- you’ll be surprised by just how well these work all over!

L-R: Perk, Rise, Origin & Grounded


I love the huesticks are in a universally flattering shade of a coppery rose gold, every detail of this brand celebrates and embraces diversity and inclusion from the outset. The brand has a soul and connecting with it’s consumer is what it does perfectly. I think this is the future of how to build a beauty brand in a time where the market is saturated with shiny new things everyday!



From L-R, top to bottom:

Top Row: Grounded and Rise  Bottom Row: Origin and Perk



Though the brand started with three core ‘colour correcting’ huesticks, they now have 7 shades that can be used as a multiple use product.

The Corrector and Multisticks:

Perk is the lightest, peachy pink nude corrector and multistick.

Rise is my personal favourite, a neutral peachy orange corrector and multistick.

Origin is the deepest of the originals, a orange toned red corrector and multistick.

The Multisticks:

Found is a burgundy brick multistick.

Free is a bright purple berry multistick.

Grounded (which you’ve had a teaser of!) is a milk chocolate brown multistick.

True is a dusty rose mauve multistick.


These are the newest addition to the Live Tinted range and needless to say, I was sold the second I saw them. Grounded is going to replace the only eyeshadow I ever wear, Mac Groundwork paintpot. I might pop a bit of bronzer over it if I’m feeling fancy.

Unity Balm Gloss, as you might have realised is the brands first foray into new products and I am SO HERE FOR IT. I love a gloss, but a decent one is harder to find than you might think. I love that it looks so great next to the huesticks and also uses minimal plastic to keep as sustainable as possible. UBG is a clear gloss that you can wear alone, pop over the top of your lip product or use as a clear highlighter that blends seamlessly into the skin thanks to the addition of squalene.

Non sticky, moisturising and high shine. What more could you want? You’ll be able to see swatches of the huesticks with UBG on top too see how it changed the finish too. I’m hoping for more shades in the balm gloss formula next!



From L-R: Perk, Rise, Origin and Grounded

I think Live Tinted are absolutely a brand to watch, they are changing the beauty industry one huestick at a time and I am SO HERE FOR IT!

Just in case my word isn’t enough, it might be worth noting that *THE* Bobbi Brown joined as a investor post launch- SO MAJOR!

Live Tinted is available from LiveTinted.com and at Cult Beauty.

Have you tried anything from the brand? Are you going to? Let me know on Instagram or Twitter!

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