14th October 2020

Makeup By Mario Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

A matte palette for every skintone? I'm in.

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If you want to know more about the Makeup by Mario range- read the collection overview. 

Makeup By Mario ‘Master Mattes’ is a completely matte 12 pan eyeshadow palette with a good mixture of warm, cool and neutral skin compatible tones, this will work on all skintones to shade, add depth and define. THIS is how  you do a ‘nude’ eye palette.

It may seem slightly odd to keep both of his 12 pan palettes to one texture each (matte and shimmer) but there is good reason for it and it comes back to fusing together his artistry techniques for both makeup artists and beauty lovers alike.

In most kits, where possible we keep our mattes and shimmers separate – this is so when we are using a specific texture we can guarantee it hasn’t been impacted by any other textures. Even a speck of shimmer in a completely matte eye could ruin the look when it’s photographed, in the same way that a shimmer could be dulled by a matte eyeshadow. Between both the matte and shimmer palettes you have all bases covered- These are pro kit essentials, made consumer friendly.

Just as with the shimmer palette, Mario’s matte eyeshadow formula is equally as brilliant. These mattes are soft and blendable, not buttery and emollient making them great for each area of the eye whether you want a quick wash of colour or a dialled up, elaborate smokey eye.

I don’t think you need a primer with these, but I like using his one in particular- it’s a great little priming trio! The Master Matte palette is a true, elevated beauty essential. It works for all skintones, providing a perfect ‘nude matte eye’ for all,  with the options to highlight, define and shade. THIS is how you show your brand is for everyone without even launching any base.. yet!  **Please be next**

Though this is beautiful on it’s own, it is designed to work with the Master Metallics and it does so brilliantly, though I am curious as to if the next eyeshadow palettes will include a mixture of textures and if there will be more matte palettes in other colourways.

This palette is definitely the star of the first collection, it will work for everyone and easily forms a staple in most kits and makeup bags- we’ve all needed that ‘one more’ matte shade to complete a look and been caught short before… well not any more!


This is absolutely in my top 5 matte eyeshadow formulas. I wish the black was blacker though, I find it can go a bit grey at times. I’ll continue having a play with it to see if using it with another brush might work better; though I am yet to find a more intense black than the Natasha Denona Blackest Black single eyeshadow.

Overall, I’d describe the formula as a strong medium-buildable pigment which is my preference. I want my eyeshadows with enough pigment to hold their own but have the option to build quickly too. As much as I don’t want a highly pigmented eyeshadow that is chalky and hard to blend I don’t want to be there for ages building either, this takes care of both issues I can build and blend with ease- win win!

How do I use it?

I find these mattes work well with most brushes, whether natural or synthetic, You can pack, blend or buff and these mattes will perform, they are super buttery and in my experience, easy to work with too! For a wash of colour or a smooth blend I love the Zoeva 227 brush.

If you’re new to artistry, get this and work on your blending by shading from lightest shade to darkest on your hand. It’s how I learnt and it is the BEST practice you can get for achieving a seamless blend- particularly if models are difficult to come by, especially at the moment. It’ll soon become an integral part of your ‘micro kit’ every time you’re booked on  a job.

I’ve linked the mini masterclass Mario uploaded below too, in case you want to see the palette in action.


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Makeup by Mario is available now at Sephora in the US (lucky you!) and worldwide from MakeupByMario.com. Master Matte Eyeshadow Palette is from the debut collection, eye 01.

What do you think of the range? Let me know on Instagram!

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