14th October 2020

Makeup By Mario Master Secret Glow

Can't I just use Vaseline instead?

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If you want to know more about the Makeup by Mario range- read the collection overview. 

Makeup by Mario ‘Master Secret Glow’ is a highlighting balm, offering you candlelit, wet, glossy looking skin… it’s boujee skin in a pan- I guess it’s only right the shade name is Expensive! Ha!

All jokes aside, this suspiciously empty looking pan is designed to give Mario’s signature glowy skin, amplifying natural radiance- without the greasiness. I was worried this would be Vaseline repackaged – no one needs that! Mario said this was an innovative formula that took him years to perfect and that was all I needed to hear to test it out.

I knew he was right from the first time I tried it. It has a gummy texture, which is rare for a glowy balm – they’re often greasy or oddly dry. This texture means when you apply it to your cheekbones, eyes or lips it doesn’t feel gloopy or sticky. There is some weight to it, but it’s not heavy. It’s a well-behaved product, staying exactly where you apply and not budging all day. The little compact is great for on the go so you can touch up if you want to dial up the level of dewiness, but remember a little goes a long way!

I mean don’t get it twisted – this is still a face balm but it’s elevated– much more grown up- think: glossy balm not a balmy gloss.

How do I use it?

Using your ring finger, take a small amount of the balm and pat onto the highest point of your cheekbones blending upwards with light pressure- pat don’t rub so you don’t disturb the base underneath! This is also great on the eyes and lips and even on bare skin – it has holiday makeup written all over it! I can’t wait to try it on the brows to see how it hold them up!

If you’re into a dewy highlighter that gives a healthy glow without any greasiness this is for you (or your kit). Easily the best highlighting balm I’ve used. Thought this has an element or versatility, I wouldn’t use it under makeup, it isn’t the right texture to apply base on top of.

If you still aren’t sure, maybe Mario’s mini masterclass below can help!


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If this is a sneak peak into the ‘Face by Mario’ launch to come from the brand- I’m well up for it. The way Mario does skin is my favourite element of his artistry and I am ready to look expensive all over!

And to answer my own question- NO- you can’t just use Vaseline! 😉

Makeup by Mario is available now at Sephora in the US (lucky you!) and worldwide from MakeupByMario.com. Master Secret Glow is from the debut collection, eye 01.

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