16th February 2021


They want us dewy, glossy and set all summer long...

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New in from Milk Makeup this is a near perfect spring collection. It’s completely captured the joy of choosing a light of base, having fun with the sheer lip formula and keeping your make up in place without having to powder it within an inch of its life. It feels fun and practical, a line Milk tread well.

The long awaited Kush Hydro Grip setting spray and Sunshine Skin Tint are making their UK debut exclusively at Selfridges but they’re also armed with a new lip plumping gloss. I don’t know about you but this line has me excited for warmer weather already!

MILK MAKEUP Spring 2021

Hydro Grip Set and Refresh Spray

Think of the Hydro Grip setting spray as the big sister to their hugely popular Hydro Grip primer. Inspired by the longevity boosting power of the primer it promises to keep makeup flawless all day long.

It’s a bi-phase formula that you shake to activate and then mist. There is a lot of talk about how a fine mist is the best delivery method for a product like this, but I find sometimes a mist can be *so* fine it literally does nothing. This is perfect. It’s not going to leave you drenched, nor will it atomise a pathetic whisper of ‘mist’.

Every good setting spray I have tried on the market will unfortunately use denatured alcohol to help keep the make up in place- it’s just the way things are and it’s really effective. I never recommend anyone use them daily unless the environment they are in causes their makeup to slide off. Until now.

Hydro Grip is an alcohol- free formula that uses cannabis sativa seed and blue agave extract along with aloe vera juice, niacinamide and turmeric. I can see exactly why they recommend this for refreshing make up as well- The ingredients read more like a skincare product. I love it.

Sidenote: if you find yourself relying really heavily on a setting spray take a look at your skincare routine. This is your insurance policy.

I’ve been using it for about a week now and it definitely sets and ‘grips’ my make up in place without giving opportunity to transfer. Impressive. Especially for an alcohol free setting spray. I can’t wait to try this when life is back to normal and I’m running around London, to give it a fair comparison to my other favourites.

I really like that MILK aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with new technology in their product development which ultimately results in great products.


It’s finally here. The eagerly anticipated launch of Sunshine Skin Tint has arrived and this time it’s has an upgrade. The rollerball is glass and flows better than the previous packaging, is a great depuffing tool and makes the packaging easier to recycle. On the topic of sustainability, refills will also be available at a lower pricepoint, saving on excess packaging when restocking.

The shade range has also expanded to be more inclusive- because even with a sheer tint- it’s important that all shades of the spectrum are able to wear it. Nice touch on the ascending numbers Milk. 😉

The formula is beautifully dewy and sheer but doesn’t feel thick or heavy because they use linoleic oils. It blends in with ease, imparting a natural glow- no shimmer just a skin-like sheen! I don’t think this will cause any issues for a oiler skin, but if you prefer an oil controlling or full coverage formula, there are better options.

It’s super easy to apply, I just roll onto my face, blend & wipe the rollerball with a tissue to avoid the lid getting covered in product build up. I tend to apply concealer in pinpointed areas to add extra coverage where needed.

Though this tint contains SPF 30 I will treat it as any other make up base and advise against relying on this as your sole sun protection because I don’t apply anywhere near as much to get that coverage, especially when it gets warmer. I really like this updated formula, I just wish it was larger than 16ml because I’ll end up going through it quicker than other bases.

Sunshine Skin Tint is gluten free, silicone free, vegan and will be on my face all summer long.

Sunshine Skin Tint in Golden Honey Blended and Swatched 


Electric Glossy Lip Plumper is a cushiony gel gloss with Sichuan Pepper to plump. Available in 6 shades. I have the shade Wired, a brightening coral.

The squeezy applicator applies the product perfectly, it gives the option to build the colour instead of delivering a whack of pigment. It gives you juicy looking lips with a wash of pigment, which is my preference.

I’m not hugely into lip plumpers because I don’t think I they have any long-term benefits and any lipgloss applied correctly will add volume and texture. However, this one definitely works, I find the tingle goes on for about 20 minutes (it felt like a pleasant pins and needles- is there such a thing?) and then it begins to settle, leaving behind plumper, tinted lips.

When the tingle and gloss start to wear away my lips still felt hydrated unlike the first generation lip plumpers that left behind dry, irritated lips because this uses moisturising jojoba oil and esters to alleviate any discomfort.

This might end up being the only lip plumper that makes it into my makeup bag!

Electric Glossy Lip Plumper in Wired at full opacity and sheered out

So thats it, Milk Spring 2021– a strong line up of products, perfectly timed and just the boost of beauty excitement I need right now! All three new launches are now available exclusively at Selfridges.

What do you think of the new collection? Let me know on Instagram. 

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