17th November 2020

New Candles for Diwali? Boy Smells Hypernature Set

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Off the back of my Diwali post I had a few questions about how exactly the ‘quality’ of candles I use had changed. The quick answer is they got more expensive – ha! The reason for this was I loved seeing the glowing diva/diyas every Diwali but as my love for luxury grew, I discovered high quality home fragrance and never looked back.

Buying candles for Diwali takes me back to a special feeling in my childhood when I would shop and prepare for the holiday- it feels brilliantly extravagant and festive. Not only do these candles elevate my Diwali celebrations, but when placed alongside traditionally adorned diva/diyas it allows me to inject my personality, heritage and British Indian culture amongst the celebrations.

It’s also a more sustainable choice for me- I reuse and repurpose the glass jars every year, but beyond that I feel strongly that a room or occasion without a fragrance is a missed opportunity. Why create ambience only to avoid amplifying that experience with the power of fragrance- evoking the olfactive system to create memories.

But onto Boy Smells…

The candles I went for this year were the Boy Smells Hypernature votive set, I was shopping on Space NK and couldn’t decide which candles to choose between and *just* as I was about to give up, I saw this set. It was the perfect opportunity to try the entire collection and buy my favourite in full size ‘for Christmas’. 😉

I love everything about Boy Smells; from the brand aesthetic to the beautiful imagery and quality fragrances. They focus on life beyond the binary and don’t play into gender roles. Boy Smells are for everyone. For me, they are all about evoking emotion and storytelling through fragrance. Boy Smells make two products, candles and underwear, both somewhat intimate and beautiful. These are fluid, everyday essentials- elevated.

I followed the brand long before their UK launch but couldn’t smell them in stores so never bit the bullet. That changed when I was working the Selfridges press show and smelt ‘Dynasty’ from the Christmas 2019 collection. It was an instant “OH MY GOD I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW” moment. I got one the second it went on sale and now have major life regrets about not stockpiling the LE candle. *facepalm*

Boy Smells had a really strong year of newness, releasing a Pride themed collection and collaborating with Kacey Musgraves on ‘Slow Burn’. (Both of these never came to the UK, frustrating but great for my bank account!) This Christmas/Holiday Season they launched two collections. Rituals and Hypernature. Rituals is a playful collection with depth, all about embracing tradition but making them your own, breaking the mold and celebrating how you see fit (damn, maybe I should have picked up this set!)

Hypernature (pictured) is wonderfully modern. The candles are housed in metallic packaging with a nod to their notes. These are far from conventionally festive scents but still manage to fill the room with a familiar feeling of festivity.

As with all Boy Smells candles, these are high quality and made from hand poured coconut and beeswax in Los Angeles. They offer an even burn and brilliant throw. All the candles I have tried from them smell when unlit too which I enjoy but I don’t think you can determine the quality of a candle without lighting it. Until the wick is lit, it’s all up for grabs.


ultraviolet, pink peppercorn, rose, mandarin, peach flesh, amber and oakmoss


pimento berry, coconut water, jasmine, fig leaves, macadamia nut, ambrox and salted musks 


incense, rhubarb, violet leaves, black tea, birch, smoked papyrus, and tanned leather 

The Hypernature candles harness the best of both nature and science (exactly how I like my skincare!) to achieve these unusual scents in the best way possible way. Hypernature stimulates my senses, pushes my fragrance norms and envelopes my senses in smells that feel completely brand new. No mean feat in an industry that seems as though everything has already been done before. Innovation at it’s finest.

Boy Smells make truly unique candles, constantly pushing the boundaries of the binary – in all contexts. Covetable, trendy and modern. Incomparable to any other brand- they’re in a league of their own.

Boy Smells are available in the UK at Space NK, Selfridges and Harrods.

The Hypernature collection is currently only available at Space NK.

My favourite? It changes all the time depending on my mood but Smoky Rhubarb is reserved for evenings as it is headier. I tend to light both Neopeche and Agua de Jardin more frequently. Oddly enough I’m yet to try one of their permanent candles, but bestseller Kush is already on my list.

Have you tried Boy Smells before? Let me know on Instagram here!

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