26th August 2020

Saint Fragrance London Candles

The newest candle brand you need to know about!

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I’m a self confessed candle addict. I always have a few on the go, love trying new fragrances and brands, but rarely invite them to join my favourites. I don’t think I have unreasonable expectations for how a candle should perform. They need to burn evenly, great ‘throw’ whilst burning and fragrant even when unlit.

Often a cynic when trying new brands, I was DELIGHTED to have found a new favourite in Saint Fragrance London.

Everytime I take an active interest in a new brand, The first thing I do is research behind the scenes. I want to know perhaps what isn’t visible to the average customer buying a candle.

The founders of this brand haven’t just started because they like candles. They have spent years working in the beauty industry, learning and perfecting their craft. I respect that. It’s clear to me that this is what informs the range and why we will see this small, sustainably conscious british brand everywhere soon enough!


I was initially concerned that these candles may be all style and no substance, and boy was I glad to be proven wrong. The amount of thought and attention that has gone into the curation of Saint Fragrance London is impressive. From the gorgeous grey and white minimalistic design, to the six carefully curated launch scents and even the brand images are all made with intent.

The Six Candles:

Powdery Skies

Late Night Fig

Rose Whispers

Sunday Papers

Old Fashioned

Balearic Isle

These candles are a welcome addition among the industry heavyweights I look to for my home fragrance. Not only do they look beautiful and are brilliantly named, but they are real mood boosters and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t find a candle they like within the collection.

Let me tell you about the two I’ve tried.


I didn’t really know what to expect here, but what I didn’t want was another summery coconut fragrance. It’s a good job it isn’t!

Balearic Isle is a beautiful and unique coconut and tuberose candle. The brand describe it as ‘radiant and balmy’ and I think that is PERFECT. It has real depth and is perfectly balanced. Whilst the coconut and tuberose are rich and summery, you still get the warmness from the amber, sandalwood and freshness from balsam.

I’ve not seen a candle with such a wide variety of scent families before and think that is why I can see myself using this year round, at any time of day. It’s a firm favourite and I won’t be without it now.


Late Night Fig was the second candle I tried from the brand. I was curious as to how they would create a fig fragrance- often a well made fig candle will be a brands bestseller.

Late Night Fig (great name, right?) is again, perfectly balanced with a sharpness coming through. The fig and citrus elements are well layered alongside suede and cedarwood.

I actually prefer using this during the day, it isn’t so intense that it feels out of place in daylight but is a real mood lifter!

Saint Fragrance are definitely one to watch, I’m really excited by them and love the quality. It’s clear that they want to perfect and excel in all that they do. I would love to see them launch fragrances next. I’d be intrigued as to how they differentiate them from the home fragrances, whilst complimenting the range too.

Will you be trying any of their candles? Let me know onĀ Instagram or Twitter.

Saint Fragrance London is available directly from their website and if you’re in London you can pop down to the Corinthia to pick them up in person!

If you’re reading this in August 2020, I’ve just seen that they have a 20% off offer on with the code STAYCATION20.

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