26th March 2021


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The bestseller in the Squish range, these Flower Power Acne Patches are miracle workers for your skin and a spots worst nightmare. Often a beauty skeptic (me? never!) I was late to the spot sticker game. These were the first ones I had ever tried after convincing myself they wouldn’t do anything, I was seriously impressed. My spot had reduced in size overnight and felt like it was on it’s way out.

So these patches sound like magic, but how and why do they work? What is in them?

Well… the answer is, nothing. These particular spot stickers are 100% hydrocolloid patches. Hydrocolloid is the same absorbent material used for surgical dressings. It works best on spots that have come to a head and absorbs the pus to reduce the size and ultimately, the tenancy period on your face. Hydrocolloid patches are a non drying solution for getting rid of spots and because of this, it leaves less room for post inflammatory pigmentation and decreases the chance of picking at the spot.

These work best on spots that have come through to the surface of the skin and to my mind, for if you have the odd few spots. If however, you have a full face of the medical condition acne, this could get expensive, I’d advise keeping these on hand because they are brilliant, but not as a standalone treatment, they’d be better combined with a tailored routine to help alleviate specific skin concerns.

If you have under the skin bumps/spots and are looking for a similar sticker solution, I’d look into microdart stickers, these are made to deliver ingredients to deal with a diffferent kind of blemish.

All in all, I really like these spot stickers, and though I choose to wear them in the evenings, I do like the idea that you could place a flower over your spot and carry on with your day if you felt so inclined.

Squish Beauty is Vegan and Cruelty Free. You can find their products at SquishBeauty.com and exclusively at Liberty.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Squish over on Instagram and if you’d like to discover the brand in more detail you can check out the takeover here.

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