24th February 2021


The acid toner quickly gaining top shelf status...

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I was so excited to try Summer Fridays newest launch- a chemical exfoliator. Soft Reset AHA exfoliating treatment is a lactic, glycolic and niacinamide blend in an alcohol free base. I was intrigued…especially because I love everything I’ve tried from the brand.

Despite my excitement, initially I was of the opinion that this could end up being an extremely mild acid that doesn’t do much OR far too strong (which is why I stay away from most ‘single AHA’ formulas). I was so glad that it was neither, which is why I like it.

It’s a well thought out formula that uses lactic acid as it’s primary AHA along with hydrators to buffer the acid and minimise the tingle. It’s really impressive.

The AHA exfoliators (16% of Lactic and Glycolic) are housed in a gentle glycerin and aloe juice base, making for a humectant rich, hydrating exfoliator. All the benefits of glowy skin without any harshness! Something we don’t often see in this type of product is Niacinamide (one of my favourite ingredients!) it helps to keep the skin barrier healthy and balance the complexion, adding something extra to an already brilliant treatment.

They have also recognised that many people choose to avoid salicylic acid when pregnant and this will help with any congestion too, making it suitable for all. I know this is something co-founder Lauren Gores- Ireland is particularly conscious of as they launched the brand when she was pregnant and wanted to formulate products she was comfortable using.

As always with Summer Fridays, the packaging is sustainable and beautiful (I mean… it had to be Instagrammable to sit in the range!) It also comes with a handy stopper too which you might want to keep a hold of to prevent leaking whilst traveling.

How to use:

After cleansing, apply the liquid to a cotton pad and swipe all over your face, avoiding your eye area. I like to wait 30 seconds and then go in with a face mist and the rest of my routine. Their Jet Lag mask (great name, right?) in perfect for this! You’ll feel some residue on the skin, that is the humectants working to attract moisture.

Though this is recommended as a night treatment (hence reset), I have used it in the AM too- It gives such a great glow I want people to see it!

Just remember you need to protect your skin with SPF either way because AHA’s regenerate the skin and those fresh skin cells are more sensitive to the sun. I just want the Summer Fridays glow to be visible all day long!

You can use it every day, once a day but I wouldn’t over do it. No more than 5x a week- listen to your skin. If you’re a beginner, try twice a week, evenings only but have the SPF ready to protect that gorgeously glowing skin in the morning.

My thoughts

It’s clear by now that I really like this product. It’s pleasant to use, has a great formula and above all delivers results. Even on my ‘acid experienced’ skin I was surprised that I felt a tingle, it’s rare that happens nowadays! I felt like a novice again but I loved it because it felt like it was working. My makeup went on like a dream the morning after!

I also like that I can’t smell anything other than the active ingredients when using it – which is how I like my acid toners. It’s definitely a mild tingle and I’d be comfortable recommending (push, I’m a skincare pusher) to all skin types except anyone with Rosacea because of the glycolic.

If like me, you love and regularly use acids it’s a great addition to our routine. This could happily be the only chemical exfoliator / acid toner in your routine because the formula is so versatile. If you’re new to acid, dampen your cotton pad before applying and you’ll feel less of a tingle, once you’ve worked your way up you can apply as recommended.

With Summer Fridays founders, Lauren Gores- Ireland and Marianna Hewitt at the UK launch of Summer Fridays. 

Summer Fridays if you’re listening- I need a travel size and a supersize soon, thank you! 😉

Have you tried any Summer Fridays before? Let me know what do you think of Soft Reset on Instagram!

Summer Fridays Soft Reset AHA exfoliating treatment is £49 available worldwide now at the retailers listed below.

UK: Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Space NK and Net a Porter

USA: Sephora, Revolve and SummerFridays.com

AUS: Mecca I thought it was there already but it must be launching soon!

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