5th May 2021

Supergoop! arrives in the UK at Selfridges

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FINALLY- The cult favourite SPF comes to UK stores!

Supergoop! make great SPF and now we can get our hands on it in the UK…

The sun protection only brand has been in short supply outside of the US until recently. Supergoop! were initially famed for communicating that even-though SPF is protective and functional, it has to have an attractive user experience to ensure compliance and ultimately protect from UVA and UVB rays. Launching with just a single product, they discovered that the best way to achieve this was by offering options. This is why they have a multitude of different formulas (40+!), including hybrid SPF,skincare and makeup products.

Founded in 2006 by Holly Thaggard, she saw that the skin cancer epidemic was highly preventable by limiting sun exposure and using sun protection properly. The problem was that SPF was thought of as something you only use on holiday (and to a certain extent this can still be the case), but back then we didn’t have as much information, or product available to us as consumers.

She decided it was time to say goodbye to gunky, gloopy sun creams and would instead make sun protection easy, and as part of this mission Supergoop! was born, to create sun protection you will want to wear.

Over the past few years the brand have updated their packaging and formulas to continue innovating and revolutionising the SPF market, by making SPF exciting and ‘trendy’. It’s brands like Supergoop! that are contributing to the wider conversation, influencing the change in attitudes on sun protection that rightfully earns them their ‘experts in SPF’ tagline. I guess it goes to show when you pick an area, stick to it and create brilliant products, you end up becoming an industry leader, taking over the SPF arena.

Now that the brand is becoming more widely available in the UK, online at Cult Beauty and available online and in all four stores at Selfridges; I’ve been able to try and test out the UK range and thought a breakdown might be helpful.

PLAY Everyday Sunscreen 

Everyday Sunscreen (Now known as PLAY) was the brands original product and the first product I tried from the brand and fell in love. It’s a typical cream texture SPF which is why I was drawn to it, however it sinks in immediately and I know this works across all skin tones. As with most chemical/organic SPFs this is not matte, so I tend to skip the moisturiser and apply straight after serum.

PLAY Everyday Sunscreen is highly water resistant and offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection using organic/chemical filters.

Available in the UK in 70ml.

Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30 (SPF 40 in USA)

Unseen Sunscreen is the brands best seller. It is a completely invisible, lightweight gel texture that sinks in upon application.

Unseen Sunscreen offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection using organic/chemical filters.

Available in the UK in 15, 50 and 70ml

Glow Screen SPF 30 (SPF 40 in USA)

Glow Screen is a newer launch from the brand, sitting alongside Unseen as part of the SPFs that feel more like primers, it’s no surprise that this formula leaves behind a pearly glow that makes skin look healthy. It’s like holiday skin in a bottle! It appears pigmented, but there is no coverage once applied, so I’m pretty sure this would work on all skin tones, though I  haven’t yet tried it on a skin deeper than my own. If you’re familiar with the original Laura Mercier Radiance primer, this feels very similar but with added skincare benefits from the niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

Glow Screen offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection using organic/chemical filters.

Available in the UK in 50ml

If you take a look at the second picture in my Instagram post below you can see the texture of all three formulas. From top to bottom- Glow Screen, Unseen and PLAY.


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The formulas are labelled and packaged slightly differently here due to EU regulations, but they all offer broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and in the case of Unseen and Glow Screen they are a UK SPF 30 and a US SPF 40. As far as I’m aware the brand make all their products to EU regulations, so these are the same formulas you would pick up in the US too.

If you’re ever concerned about the level of sun protection you’re getting, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand you use. Supergoop! actually publish their efficacy reports on each product on their own website which I know I find hugely reassuring, if you’re interested I’ve linked the page here.

As always with SPF, it’s most important to find a broad spectrum formula you like and will use daily, no matter which filters you choose. Make sure you’re applying enough (rather too much than not enough) and reapplying if you are exposed to UV rays for extended periods of time, and if you wear makeup, remember you can get SPF mists and powders too.

Supergoop! is available in the UK at Selfridges.com, in all four stores and on Cult Beauty.

I also have it on good authority that their Glow Stick SPF is coming soon too!

Let me know your thoughts on Supergoop! over on Instagram!

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