19th November 2020

Vieve Beauty Nova Glow Highlighter


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Vieve Beauty is the newest brand on the block and brainchild of make up artist and influencer Jamie Genevieve. If you’ve been on Instagram for more than three seconds you’ll know Jamie is famous for full glam and this is reflected in her first launch- The Essential Collection. The collection is made up of 3 highlighters, a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, 2 make up bags and 5 lip liners and lipsticks.

Over the past few years we’ve seen an increase in influencer brands and collaborations, with these largely based in the US I was intrigued by one of few UK Beauty influencer brands and certainly the only one I’ve been interested in in quite some time. It’s rather refreshing to see a brand focused more on quality and less on controversy.

The Vieve launch was impeccably executed; from social sneak peaks to brand image and all important product quality. It is evident that there is care and attention in every detail of the brand, with no expense spared in prioritising quality product and packaging. Vieve Beauty feels as though every person has been considered- from a novice to a professional, whilst inkeeping with Jamie’s signature look and audience.

There is nothing in this collection that isn’t wearable (not every day pink eyeshadow and glitter liner!) which I think is a smart move. Lay down a strong foundation of the essentials before introducing bolder products. It allows the brand to appeal to more people and lets face it, the majority of us would happily use these products daily.

The Vieve Beauty Nova Glow highlighters are available in three racially inclusive shades, in varying depths of gold- automatically eliminating any risk of ashiness.

Bijou is a pale yellow gold

Holy Chic (pictured) is medium champagne gold

Desire is a bronze gold.

VIEVE BEAUTY Nova Glow Highlighter in Holy Chic, without flash

VIEVE BEAUTY Nova Glow Highlighter in Holy Chic, with flash

VIEVE BEAUTY Nova Glow Highlighter in Holy Chic, swatched in natural light

VIEVE BEAUTY Nova Glow Highlighter in Holy Chic, blended in natural light

I’ve been testing Holy Chic for the last week and have really enjoyed it. The highlighter powder is smooth and blendable, offers a medium buildable pigment in a high shine formula. All three tones promise a ‘cast free’ glow, meaning it will look the same in all angles. This will be due to them being finely milled and avoiding pink tones. This is reason enough to buy if I’m honest, no harsh unblendable lines in sight!

I like using this with either an Anastasia A23 brush or Zoeva 134 powder fusion brush. Jamie recommends using it with your fingers to melt it into the skin, which is a great tip to offer a more diffused finish.

I am surprised at how much I like this formula because though it is smooth and blendable, it does contain a chunkier shimmer which is usually an automatic no for me (pores don’t need enhancing, right?) bizarrely I don’t mind them in this formula. It stops juuuuust at the point before it is too spangly for me. Though this means it won’t be one I reach for daily, I’ll be wearing it every time I want to look extra glam.

Vieve couldn’t have launched at a better time, the whole range is supremely giftable, making it the perfect Christmas present.

The faux leather packaging with gold accents is inspired by Jamie’s love of designer accessories. It’s not easy to make black and gold look high end (there is a thin line between luxury and tacky!) and this is definitely luxury.

What sets this brand apart from the sea of traditional namesake influencer brands is that is has mass appeal, you wouldn’t have to be a fan of Jamie, or even care that it was her line and in my eyes *that* is the mark of a brilliant brand.

It’s also worth noting that Jamie will continue to use and mention other beauty brands, which I respect hugely. It’s unrealistic for a brand founder to claim they only use their own brand- the best part of the industry is using so many brilliant products! Consider it the modern approach to being a brand founder-  I’m so here for it.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Have you got your hands on Vieve yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Instagram.

Vieve Beauty is available exclusively on VieveBeauty.co.uk and Cult Beauty.

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